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Rabbit vibrators are safer for beginners? What is rabbit vibrators and their features to enhance solo time and intercourse?

Vibrators for women?

Vibrators for women?

Vibrators for women are available to satisfied sex toy girl. Vibrator is a electronic device that gives vibration when we turn it on. Vibrator can be used in masturbation, foreplay or during sex. Vibrator is not new in the market. It has been used since years. Vibrators has a strong sex toy history. Years ago, vibrator is used to cure hysteria by doctors. But now it is used for self satisfaction when your partner is not there. It is used by men and women, lesbians because vibrator are not only used for penetration. It also used for stimulating the erogenous zones and arouse the sensitive part and user. Vibrators are available in many shape, sizes, features and prices. Prices vary with the number of features. Cheap vibrator is suitable for beginners. As beginners are new in the sex toy, it is worth full to spend lot of money on vibrator , dildo or other sex toy like dong, magic wand massager, etc. If you get comfortable to sex toy, then go with luxurious one.

Types of vibrators for women?

Types of vibrators for women?

Vibrator are available in many types like type dildo in India. Some are specially used in penetration and some are used in stimulation only and some are that used in both way. Let know about them separately.

Penetrative Vibrators

Vibrators that are used to stimulate the vaginal internal means that allow penetrative in the women. It gives sexual satisfaction to the women. It help women to achieve ultimate orgasm in the sexual life. Most of penetrative vibrators are handheld masturbator sex toy. Penetrative vibrator are:

Bullet vibrator India

Bullet vibrator India are small vibrator that gives small insertion to the women. It is for beginners. The bullet vibrator size is perfect for the beginners as they are new in the sex toy world.

Strap on vibrator

Strap on vibrator is pegging vibrator that used by men and women. Strap on give penetration to the vagina or anus with level of vibration. You can find remote control vibrators in strap on too and will operate it from distance.

Non-Penetrative Vibrators

Vibrators that allow you to feel and enjoy the stimulation without vaginal penetration. It is perfect for the women who have dryness issues. It help women to get ready for the play before the intercourse or masturbation. Non-Penetrative vibrator are:

Butterfly vibrators

Butterfly vibrator are used just above the vagina to stimulate it whole day. It does not have any penetrative shaft. Butterfly vibrators gives hand free play to the women. It can be used on clitoris, nipple, breasts, etc.

Clitoris Vibrator

They are especial vibrator just stimulate the clitoris. Clitoris is most active and sensitive part of the body in sexual terms.

Penetrative and Non-Penetrative Vibrators

Some of vibrator are used in both way like rabbit vibrators, huge dick vibrators, etc

How to use vibrators in more effective way?

How to use vibrators in more effective way?

Once you brought your favourite vibrator and ready to use it. First take a comfortable position and set a dim light in the room. it helps you to feel arouse. Apply some drop of lubricant over vagina and clitoris. Give little massage about 1-2 minutes and later allow vibration on the clitoris and vagina walls. When you feel completely arouse, allow slow insertion in the vagina. Keep it slow for some time. You can use more lubricant if feel dry. Gradually increase the level of vibrator and level of vibration to reach the climax.