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Dong toys sage and rich variety.Types and usage of different dong toys like double-headed dildo.

What is dong toy? What kind of things are there?

What is dong toy? What kind of things are there?

Dong is double-headed dildo. It is slang term for penis and also structured in the shape of penis from the both ends. Basically, it is lesbian toy used for the masturbation. Both females can use the dong didlo at the same time and makes affords to fulfill the each other sexual wants. Dong are too longer in length in compare with the regular dildo, because it allow sharing and dual penetration at the single time. This toy also has a long history, and now there are huge dick type, strapons type and vibrator type etc.

Dong Dildos are not specifically to a dildo, but refer to a special category of dildo like a huge dick and strap on. The both head of dildos has smooth ends that easily and comfortable for the vaginal. Dong can also used in anal penetration. Dongs allow anal to anal penetration and vagina to vagina penetration in both partner and anal to vagina penetration in a single partner.

Dong Dildos are mainly made by the soft material, rubber because rubber enhance the moulding features of such dildo. Rubber is the only option that allow most flexible toy and too bendable. There is no better sex toys them dong for women that gives great penetrative pleasure in vagina and anus at the same time.

Types of dong toy (dildo)

Types of dong toy (dildo)

Feel different ways of pleasure with different types of dong dildos:

Equal headed dong dildos

Such type of dildos has, One ended is smaller in diameter and another one is bigger in diameter. The smaller end is used to penetrate the anus and bigger end for the vagina. It is ideal to use by a single female. But two female can also use it. It is also good for the beginner women, beginner can start with the small end and after experience can try the bigger end.

Unequal headed dong dildos

Such types of dildos have, equal diameter in both the ends. It is ideal for the lesbian couples, so both partner can feel the same amount of pleasure. Female can use full length of dildo and can enjoy the deep penetration.

Vibrating Dong Dildos

Dong dildos that allow vibrations, are called vibrating dong dildos. Female can adjust the level of vibration according to the level of sexual desires. The higher level of vibration gives higher level of pleasure and sexual excitement. It is recommended to use the lower level of vibration at the first.

How to use dong toy and notes on that

How to use dong toy and notes on that

First check the dong material, that it is safer to your skin and your partner. If it is safer, then take a comfortable position. Now, relax yourself and your partner. Set the room environment romantic with the help of scented candles, lights off. Do not forget to lock the doors and windows. Use a good quality of lubricant for easy insertion.

Apply lubricant on the both ends of dong and as well as on vagina or anus on the both partner. Start slow insertion. When you feel high, increase the level of insertion. Play with the dong toy and fulfill your and your partner's sexual needs.

There are few notes that you should consider while playing with the dong sex toy:

If your dong toy is made by silicone material, do not take risk by using the silicone based lubricate. It might damage your dong toy and can hurt you.

Place the dong at dry and dark place. Avoid the excess of sunlight on the toy.

Use condom on the both end to avoid Sexually transmitted disease.